Upcoming Bids

*Scheduled Packages for bid between August 2015 and March 2016 Packages


Lightning Protection F&I

Local Welding Services

Assemble/Oil Fill XFMR



Concrete coatings

Instrumentation and Electrical Commissioning

Fence – Final Plant Security Fencing F&I

Videotaping pipe

ACC 2nd Pressure-Vacuum Testing

ACC Inlet Cleaning


Clean Oil-Water Separator

Concrete Cutting, Coring and Drilling

Condensate Polisher

Demin Water Trailers

Electrical Testing – Commissioning

Emissions Testing

Flushing and Chemical Cleaning

High Pot Testing

HRSG PH Boilout



Hytorque for Large Pipe Flanges

Instrumentation Loop Testing

Machine Shop for CT and STG Keys & Hold Down Plate

MISC Metals Fabrication

Pre-Post Weld Heat Treatment

PSV Testing

Specialty Pipe Cutting and Beveling

ST Lube Oil Flush

Startup Spare Parts

Steam Blow

System Air Blow and Drying

Temporary Aux Boilers and Heat Exchangers

Low Voltage MCC for Jetty Area

Local Pipe Fabrication